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    Welcome To SIHA Hockey & The Xfinity Roller Sports Arena

    NARCH Stallions Team Tryouts

    The Stallions traveling team will be competing at NARCH in Estero, Florida upcoming July 2015. 

    All SIHA club and Youth World players are invited to the open tryouts for the traveling Stallions team.

    CJ Yoder and Jon Ingrum will be conducting tryouts and coaching the selected 2015 Stallions teams. 

    *Tryouts will be at RMR in Lakewood, CO on Sunday, April 26th.

    8 & under / 10 & under      Noon-1:15pm

    12 & under / 14 & under       1:15pm-2:30pm

    16 & under / 18 & under     2:30pm-3:45pm

    When selected for a team, cost per player will be $450. This will cover the tournament entry fee, new uniform, practices, and mini camp before the tournament.

    If  you have any additional questions, call the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena and ask to speak with CJ Yoder or Kelley Williams (719) 597-1235


    The 2015 National State Wars tournament is held in St. Peters, Missouri! Teams will be coached by CJ Yoder and Jon Ingrum. 

    Tryouts will be at the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena on Saturday, May 16th and/or Sunday, May 17th. 

    If you have any questions call CJ Yoder or Jon Ingrum at 719-597-1235


    SIHA Hockey and the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena will be hosting the 14th annual Mission Bauer Invitational Championships from June 11th-28th, 2015! Over 125 teams from six states will compete for championship titles. Teams are the culmination of the 2015 SIHA Club and Youth World Tournament Series. The tournament schedule for each age division is below:

                                              *June 11th-14th :  Adult 

    *June 14th-17th: 17 & under

    *June 17th-20th: 14 & under

    *June 20th-23rd: 12 & under

    *June 23rd-26th: 10 & under

    *June 26th-28th: 8 & under

    SIHA is excited to announce that Ingrum Sports Production Network (ISPN) will be on site during the championship tournament to film hockey action! An aerial drone will be used to capture overhead action shots on the rink during tournament games and playoffs. There will be 30 minute highlight shows for each age division broadcasted on the CET Sports Network (Channels 105 and 900HD). Family and friends will be able to tune in to watch championship tournament hockey action!

    If you have any questions, contact the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena at 719-597-1235


    2015 Inline Summer Hockey Camp

        Set the dates!  The 18th annual Inline Hockey Camp will begin Sunday, July 5th-8th at the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena. There will be over 15 hours of on-floor instruction along with several hours of off-floor training, along with games played each night with a Tournament of Champions on the final day of camp. 

       The camp will be conducted by 16-time Team USA gold medalist, CJ Yoder, along with PIHA Pro players and Elite Coaches, Jon Ingrum, Josh Ingrum, and Cody Ayers. The camp will feature power skating, shooting, stick handling, offensive and defensive technique, team strategies, goal scoring drills, and games. 

      The cost of the camp is $375 per participant. Campers will be provided a camp t-shirt and be housed at the Hotel Elegante in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chaperones will be provided and present during the overnight stay. Roommate requests will be accommodated as best as possible. Each camper will have their own bed (two per room) and be provided breakfast by Hotel Elegante. 

      If choose to commute to camp instead, the cost per participant will be $275. Every camp participant will be provided Dinner Sunday evening, Monday evening, and Tuesday evening, along with Lunch on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. 

      Two age groups are offered, 9-11 years old and 12-15 years old. From there, each age group is split into beginner/intermediate or advanced divisions. Campers will be divided into teams based on age and skill to play games Monday evening, Tuesday evening, and Wednesday morning.

       Come enjoy a lot of hockey and some fun this summer! Registration will be taken online only. Visit www.sihahockey.com homepage and click the link on the right hand side for the 2015 Summer Camp Registration. 

     If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to call the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena at 719-597-1235.



    Join the 2015 Youth rec league at Xfinity Roller Sports Arena! Age divisions offered for Youth Rec are: 8 & under, 9-11 years old, and 12-15 years old. 

    Practices begin at Xfinity Roller Sports Arena on Wednesday, April 8th. For ages 8 & under, practice begins at 4:30pm, ages 9-11 years old start at 5:15pm, and ages 12-15 will begin at 6pm. 

    The season will consist of 10 games where one game will be played each week. There will be three practices to begin the season: (Wednesday, April 8th, Monday, April 13th, and Wednesday, April 15th). Games will be during the week, Monday-Thursday, beginning at 4pm-7pm. 

    The cost for 8 & under players will be $65, for 9-11 years old the cost will be $75, and $85 for 12-15 years old. Register your player online by clicking on the registration link on the side of our homepage. Please select the correct age division your child will be in to register and pay online. All new participants will receive a gift of Tour Inline skates, a $99 value!

    Any questions please contact the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena at (719) 597-1235.


    Come join the 2014-2015 Panthers Club at the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena! Age divisions offered will be: 8 & under, 10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under, 17 & under, and Adult. Each age division will have a designated practice time on Friday evenings here at the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena. 

    First Panthers practice will be FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH. Practice times for age divisions are designated below:

    8u & 10u : 4:30pm-5:30pm 

    12u & 14u : 5:30pm-6:30pm

    17u & Adult : 6:30pm-7:30pm

    There is a $50 club fee that will include coaching and all practices starting in November until June, 2015. All players must have a current 2014-2015 SIHA membership to be eligible to play this club season. These memberships can be filled out here at the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena or at any Skate City location. (Online renewal is no longer available.)

    Club tournaments are played on weekends only until the SIHA Finals in June 2015. Payment at the arena will be $50 per player at each tournament. Tournaments will consist of three games guaranteed per team. Please let CJ Yoder or Kelley Williams know if you need a team jersey. The cost for the team jersey is $50. You can reach either of them at (719) 597-1235.

    We look forward to the start of the 2014-2015 SIHA club season! 

    10 & Under Tournament Schedule for (Saturday, April 25, 2015)

    Please click here for the 10u Tournament Schedule for Saturday, April 25, 2015.

    10 & Under Youth World Tournament Schedule for (Saturday, April 25, 2015)

    Please click here for the 10u Youth World Tournament Schedule for Saturday, April 25, 2015.

    14 & Under Tournament Schedule for (Sunday, April 26, 2015)

    Please click here for the 14u Tournament Schedule for Sunday, April 26, 2015.


    Please click here for the Spring One Adult Rec Schedule for the first week


    Click here to sign up for the 2015 SIHA Summer Inline Hockey Camp July 5th-8th


    SIHA is excited to announce the production and distribution of all SIHA team jerseys! This will include Skate City Competitive Skating uniforms as well. SIHA sublimated jerseys will be effective January 1st, 2015. For more information or inquiries, please contact the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena (719) 597-1235. 


    If a team is leading by 8 goals in the 2nd period the game will be terminated immediately. This rule is in affect for any and ALL SIHA Tournament games.


       Please remember that only IHA CERTIFIED coaches are allowed on the bench during tournament games. If you have not been certified but would like to coach, please contact your club director.  Also, all coaches should wear the coaches shirts provided.  If you coach and do not have a coaches shirt, please ask at the front desk.

         Players, remember that you are required to wear your uniform during tournament games.  Uniform includes your club jersey and hockey pants that are predominantly black.  If you do not have black pants, please purchase a pair at the front desk. 

    Tournament Tie Breaker Formula

    The Xfinity Roller Sports Arena uses a "Pond Hockey" tie breaker system for all recreation leagues and tournaments.  The way the scoring system works is teams will get 3 points for a win, and 0 points for a loss.  There are no tie games, therefore a winner must be determined for each game.  The tie breaking process will then proceed as follows: 
    1. Teams will be ranked in standings based on their points for wins and losses.
    2. If there is still a tie in the standings, the scoring goes to least goals allowed.
    3. If there is still a tie in the standings, the scoring goes to most goals scored.
    * Head-to-head game results are NOT used in the tie-breaking process!
    **Check at the front desk for the official standings during all tournaments!