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2016 State Games Schedule

Xfinity Arena Time Division Home Away
Saturday, July 23, 2016 700am 10u Lightning Cougars
745am 10u Avengers Flames
830am 10u Warriors Lightning
915am 10u Cougars Avengers
1000am 10u Flames Warriors
1040am 10u Rank #4 Rank #5
1120am 10u Rank #2 Rank #3
1200pm 10u Rank #1 Winner R4vR5
1245pm 12u Lightning Panthers
130pm 12u Cougars Warriors
215pm 10u Championship
300pm 12u Panthers Cougars
340pm 12u Warriors Lightning
420pm 12u Warriors Panthers
500pm 12u Lightning Cougars
545pm 17u Flames Warriors
630pm 12u Championship
715pm 17u Panthers Cougars
800pm 17u Cougars Flames
845pm 17u Warriors Panthers
930pm 17u Warriors Cougars
1015pm 17u Panthers Flames
1100pm 17u Championship
Sunday, July 24, 2016 900am 14u Avengers Lightning
945am 14u Panthers 12u Panthers
1030am 14u Cougars Black Flames
1115am 14u Cougars Red Avengers
1200pm 14u Lightning Panthers 12u
1245pm 14u Panthers Cougars Black
130pm 14u Flames Cougars Red
215pm 14u T2 Rank #4 Rank #7
300pm 14u T2 Rank #5 Rank #6
345pm 14u T1 Rank #2 Rank #3
430pm 14u T2 Championship
515pm 14u T1 Championship

Tournament Tie Breaker Formula

The Xfinity Roller Sports Arena uses a "IIHF International" tie breaker system for all recreation leagues and tournaments.  The way the scoring system works is teams will get 3 points for a win, and 2 points for an overtime or shootout win and 1 point for an overtime or shootout loss.  There are no tie games, therefore a winner must be determined for each game.  The tie breaking process will then proceed as follows: 
1. Most Points
2. Head to Head (If 3 or more teams are tied, a team must have beaten ALL teams involved in the tie.  If this does not occur, the tie breaker moves to goal differential)
3. Goal Differential
4. Least Goals Against
5. Penalty In Minutes
6. Coin Toss


Effective Immediatly (September 26th, 2015) with all new Leagues at Xfinity Sports Arena a minor penalty will be called by all referees for the following acts displayed on the floor:

  1. Slamming a hockey stick on the rink floor
  2. Slamming the boards and or glass with a hockey stick
  3. Throwing a hockey stick or any piece of hockey equipment against the boards or glass of the hockey arena.

All referees at Xfinity Sports Arena, regardless of the reason the action is taken will enforce this policy. It does not have to be in disrespect to the officials.

Thank you very much for your continued respect of the facility at Xfinity Sports Arena. If you have questions regarding this policy please contact either Don Moffatt or CJ Yoder here at the arena.


   Please remember that only IHA CERTIFIED coaches are allowed on the bench during tournament games. If you have not been certified but would like to coach, please contact your club director.  Also, all coaches should wear the coaches shirts provided.  If you coach and do not have a coaches shirt, please ask at the front desk.

     Players, remember that you are required to wear your uniform during tournament games.  Uniform includes your club jersey and hockey pants that are predominantly black.  If you do not have black pants, please purchase a pair at the front desk. 


If a team is leading by 8 goals in the 2nd period the game will be terminated immediately. This rule is in affect for any and ALL SIHA Tournament games except in the 8 & Under Division.

In the 8u division, after an 8-goal differential, the game we be posted as completed.  The losing team will be allowed to add a skater to provide as much floor time for our players as possible.  Clock will run and play will continue for the entire 36 minutes.